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Welcome to the English short version of "", which can be literally translated by "BetinFrance".
On this page you will find the minimum information required to make your bets legally while you are in France or to how to make bets on legal .fr websites.

Where can I bet in France?

In France, you can make your sports, horse and poker bets only on certified websites.
Concerning other games, you can play real money on physical places, not online.

Help me to choose my bookmaker/poker web site!

ParierenFrance website is a guide to bet in France and so, gives information and classification of the legal online bookmakers, in French. Don’t worry, here is the list of the best ones by category. You should goes directly to the inscription; after this you will be able to choose your language.

// Sport bookmakers

// Horse bookmakers

// Online Poker

What is going on in France with online betting?

Concerning game of chance places they are, historically, only allowed to be built in city where spas are built. There are about 40 places around the country. Online betting is not allowed in France, that’s why if you try to access to your favourite online website, you will probably be rejected (it is due to your French internet address).
Concerning sport, horse bets and poker, since June 2010, you are allowed to bet online on websites certified by the government through a commission called ARJEL.

How can I bet in France?

Like in all other countries, but only on approved websites. The global list is on your right.
In France, you cannot bet on everything, so don’t be surprised to see few betting possibilities.

Why is my foreign bet account not working in France?

You cannot use your foreign bookmaker account in France because you are redirected to the .fr website, due to the French law.
If you already have a foreign account with a bookmaker, you will have to open a new French account. In order to do that, you will have to give a copy of your id and your bank account (none of them is required to be French, it is just a security question). You will be able to play to your French bet account back in your country (the .fr websites are available from other places). The good news is that you will be able to obtain new welcome bonus :D
Best bonuses are:

// Sport bookmakers
LogoVisiter 300 Euros  
LogoVisiter 150 Euros  
LogoVisiter 107 Euros  

// Horse bookmakers
LogoVisiter 250 Euros  
LogoVisiter 200 Euros  
LogoVisiter 150 Euros  

// Online Poker
LogoVisiter 505 Euros  
LogoVisiter 500 Euros  
LogoVisiter 500 Euros  

Can I gamble in France?

Not yet. No date is communicated.

We hope these explanations have been useful. You can access to our complete website translated here, or to the original here in French. team.